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Where consumers are able to browse online and purchase in store, or..

browse online, purchase online and collect in store, or..

browse online, purchase online and have delivered to their door.


Sellers (Vendors) Terms & Conditions.
(Temporary T&C’S – Full T&C’s Pending)

What is the Mandurah Online Market Place?

The Mandurah Online Market place is a Multi Vendor/Seller eCommerce website built on the trusted Mandurah.com.au Domain.

Who’s the Mandurah Online Market Place for?

The Mandurah Online Market Place is for everyone that sells good’s & service’s, from small home based businesses to larger Bricks & Mortar Companies.
Needless to say, the good’s and services you provide must be legal and you/your store must be authorised to sell them.

Owning an Online Store & Costs

For Sellers, owning a store in the Mandurah Online Market Place is 100% Free , easy use and literally takes 5 Mins.
Howto Video Coming Soon..
(We provide free online support to assist store owners to get started).

Monthly Marketing Contirbution?

The monthly marketing contribution for each store regardless of size is a fixed $87 / Month. WAIVERED FOR 3 MONTHS due to Corona Virus epidemic.
We require to maintain a minimum of 25 Active Stores for the Marketing Budget to be effective, but the more stores the bigger the marketing budget.
No Store owner will be billed the Marketing Fee until the 25 Minimum Store target has been reached.

For total transparency, all store owners will receive a copy of the Monthly Advertising receipts  via email.

All payments for purchases made in the Mandurah Online Market Place is processed by Mandurah.com.au’s PayPal or STRIPE Merchant Account.

All funds received from the Purchase of goods are kept in the Merchant Account for a 5-day grace period to ensure goods have been received and no Charge back has been initiated.

Vendors (Sellers) may use their Dashboard to Initiate a Payout on a daily basis from all sale proceeds.
Howto Video Coming Soon..

Warranties & Returns.

All Vendors (Sellers) are responsible for any requests for a Warranty Return and all consumers will contact the store/store owners directly to process.

 This Online Market Place for Mandurah is a very new Concept and is here to help local Small Businesses boost Sales by providing consumers an all round online and in store service.

Both The Mandurah Online Market Place and Sellers will work together through issues as they arise to insure consumers have a flawless service.


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The Mandurah Online Market Place & the Mandurah.com.au Domain is owned & operated by
Systron Holdings Pty Ltd (2004)
Mandurah Digital
ABN 20 109 641 018.

For further information, please contact us directly using this link Contact Us


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